Banquet Menu

  • Breakfast

      Includes Orange Juice, Regular and Decaf Dark Roast Coffee or Organic Hot Tea
      All Eggs Served are Cage Free and Organic 

      Warm Croissant Breakfast Sandwich
      Ham l Cheese l Egg l Croissant l Breakfast Potatoes  14 

      Country Scrambled Eggs
      Hickory Smoked Bacon l Crispy Hashed Browns l Toasted English Muffin  14 

      Ham and Cheddar Omelet
      Lightly Fluffed Eggs l Virginia Ham l Cheddar l American Fried Potatoes l English Muffin  15 

      Farm Style Omelet 
      Lightly Fluffed Eggs l Seasonal Vegetables l Cheese l Rustic Sautéed Potatoes l English Muffin  15 

      Classic Eggs Benedict
      Toasted English Muffins l Poached Eggs l Grilled Canadian Bacon l Hollandaise Sauce l Bliss Potatoes  15 

      Quiche Florentine
      Savory Egg Custard l Spinach l Tomato l Mushroom l Cheddar Cheese l Fresh Fruit Side  15 

      Quiche Lorraine
      Savory Egg Custard l Virginia Ham l Swiss Cheese l Mornay Sauce l Fresh Chives l Fresh Fruit Side  15    

      Greek Quinoa Bowl
      Quinoa l Cucumbers l Tomatoes l Red Onion l Olives l Feta l Olive Oil l Poached Egg  14
      Add Chicken  3     Add Salmon  4

      Avocado Toast and Soft Boiled Egg
      Turkey Bacon l Lime l Almond Butter  16

      Frittata and Greens
      Assorted Vegetables l Brie Cheese l Artisan Greens l Fresh Fruit  16


      Fresh Fruit   3
      Greek Yogurt and Berry Parfait  5
      Oatmeal Cup  3
      Bagel  3
      Hickory Bacon  3
      Turkey Bacon  4
      Pork Sausage  3
      Cinnamon or Caramel Roll  1



      Includes Orange Juice, Regular and Decaf Dark Roast Coffee or Organic Hot Tea  

      Wake Up Call
      Cinnamon & Caramel Rolls with Butter
      Fresh Fruit

      T&C Continental
      Assorted Breakfast Quick Breads
      Cinnamon & Caramel Rolls with Butter
      Fresh Seasonal Fruit & Berries
      Assorted Individual Low-Fat Yogurt
      Organic Granola and Skim Milk
      Smart Start
       Fruit Parfait with Yogurt and Granola
      Steel Cut Oatmeal
      Bran Muffins with Fruit Preserves
      Bananas, Avocados, Mixed Nuts


      Includes Chilled Assortment of Orange, Grapefruit, Apple and Cranberry Juice
      Regular and Decaf Dark Roast Coffee or Organic Hot Tea
      All Eggs Served are Cage Free and Organic  

      T&C Traditional
      Sliced Seasonal Fruit and Berries,
      Freshly Baked Muffins
      Cinnamon & Caramel Rolls with Butter
      Cage Free Organic Scrambled Eggs
      Country Style Bliss Potatoes
      Hickory Smoked Bacon and Pork Sausage Links

      European Continental
      Sliced Seasonal Fruit and Berries
      European Danishes
      Chocolate Croissants
      Fruit Bread
      Assorted Muffins
      Preserves and Butter
      Assorted European Meats and Cheeses
      Assorted Yogurts

      Healthy Breakfast
      Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Berries
      Avocado Toast with Soft Boiled Egg
      Grilled Chicken/Turkey Bacon
      Steamed Quinoa with Greek Toppings
      Add Miso Salmon  8

      T&C Classic
      Sliced Seasonal Fruit and Berries
      Cinnamon & Caramel Rolls with Butter
      Assorted Breakfast Quick Breads
      Classic Eggs Benedict
      Cheesy Hashed Browns

  • Lunch

      Includes Warm Rolls and Butter
      Regular and Decaf Dark Roast Coffee or Organic Hot Tea

      Caesar Salad "Steak House Style"
        Romaine Hearts lSweet Onion l Sliced Tomato l Classic Caesar Emulsion  13
      Add Chicken         Add Salmon  8     

      New York Salad 
      Crisp Salad Greens l Fresh Mozzarella Roulade l Marinated Artichoke l Olives l
      Heirloom Tomatoes l Champagne Vinaigrette  

      California Cobb Salad
      Crisp Salad Greens l Roma Tomato l Haas Avocado l Bacon l Blue Cave Bleu Cheese l Grilled Chicken l
      Boiled Egg l Choice of Dressing  

      Chopped Salad
      Farm Fresh Greens l Cauliflower l Corn l Tomato l Cheese l Peas l Chicken l Avocado l 
      Sweet Onion l Peppercorn Ranch  17
      Nicoise Salad
      Seared Asian Fresh Tuna l Haricot Verte l Egg l Tomato l Artisan Lettuce l Olives l Bliss Potato l Wine Vinaigrette  18

      Asian Kale Salad
      Chopped Kale l Napa Cabbage l Orange l Carrot l Edamame l Bok Choy l Chicken l Mirin Vinaigrette  17

      Grilled Salmon and Baby Spinach
      Garbanzo Beans l Feta l Olives l Roasted Red Peppers l Herb-Lemon Vinaigrette  17

      Seasonal Salad
      Assorted greens and choice of Grilled Chicken or Crispy Chili Bean Curd  17
      Oven Roasted Asparagus l Spring Peas l Wild Mushroom Blend l Boston Bibb l Citrus Vinaigrette
      Caprese Tomato Medley l Fresh Mozzarella l Basil l Olives l Infused Oil
      Bartlett Pears l Apples l Marinated Bean Salad l Parsley l Bleu Cheese l Maple Cider Vinaigrette 
      Sliced Beats l Oven Roasted Cranberries l Feta l Apples l Honey Dressing


      Includes Kettle Chips and Seasonal Side
      Regular and Decaf Dark Roast Coffee or Organic Hot Tea  

      Roast Beef
      Slowly Roasted and Chilled l Roasted Red Peppers l Sharp Provolone l Tomato l
      Lettuce l Aioli l Salted Caraway Roll  14   

      Marinated Beef or Chicken l  Feta l Tzatziki Sauce l Naan Bread l Served "Street Style" with Greek Salad  16  
      Vegetarian Burrito
      Grilled Vegetables l Black Beans l Rice l Avocado l Cilantro l Roasted Poblano l Ancho Sauce  14  

      California Turkey Croissant
      Roasted Turkey l Havarti l Avocado l Balsamic Aioli l Lettuce l Tomato  14  

      Grilled Chicken
      Rotisserie Rubbed Breast of Chicken l Sweet Onion l Mushroom l Hot Pepper Cheese l Lettuce l Tomato l Aioli  14

      N'Awlins Muffuleta
      Crispy Bread l Marinated Herb Olive Salad l Italian Cold Cuts l Assorted Cheese  14

      Steak Chimichurri
      Angus Flat Iron Steak Seasoned with Lime l Parsley l Herbs l Mushroom l Onion l Homemade Steak Sauce  18

      Any Half Sandwich and Cup of Soup  13

      Add Soup or Fresh Fruit to any Sandwich  4

      Italian Style Coleslaw
      Traditional Macaroni Salad
      Heirloom Tomato & Basil Salad
      Tabbouleh Salad
      Asian Style Lo Mein Noodles
      Vietnamese Style Cucumber Salad
      Pasta Salad
      Caesar Salad
      Strawberry and Spinach Salad
      House Salad with 2 Dressings


      Includes Warm Rolls and Butter
      Fresh Seasonal Vegetable
      Dark Roast Coffee and Hot or Iced Tea Available Upon Request  

      Artisan Lettuces l Vegetable Garni l Roma Tomato l Wine Vinegar l Olive Oil l Herbs  Complimentary

      Crisp Romaine Lettuce l Caesar Emulsion l Asiago Crostini  3

      Spring Salad
      Frisee l Blended Lettuce l Asparagus l Spring Onion l Turned Vegetables l Mushrooms l Champagne Vinaigrette  3

      Greens and Gorgonzola
      Chicories l Sliced Pears l Gorgonzola l Polenta l Croutons l Cranberries l Shallot Vinaigrette  3

      Strawberry and Young Spinach
      Goat Cheese l Walnuts l Sweet Onion l Poppy Seed Dressing  3

      Moroccan Vegetable Stew
      Curried Type Broth l Crispy Bean Curd l Salsa Verde  18  

      Gnocchi and Vegetables 
      Italian Dumpling l Seasonal Vegetables l Herbs l EVOO l Grated Cheese  18   

      Classic Italian Asparagus, Peas, and Pasta
      Italian Barilla Pasta l Spring Peas l Garlic l Asparagus l Broth l Aged Cheese  18

      Beans and Greens
      Kale l Escarole l Northern Beans l Broth l Garlic l Crusty Bread  18

      Seared Chicken Breast
      Breast of Chicken l Fresh Herbs l Bulgur Wheat l Black Olive Vinaigrette  18  

      Minnesota Chicken
      Chicken Breast l Wild Rice l Gremolata l Scallion Cream  18   

      Chicken Veronique
      Chicken Breast l Sliced Almonds l Grapes l Scallions l Champagne Cream  18

      Mediterranean Chicken
      Chicken Breast l Lemon Herb Oil l Grilled Vegetables l Gazpacho Relish  18

      Duck Confit
      Flashed Cooked Duck l Pasta l Peas l Sweet Onion l Broth  20

      PORK & BEEF
      Angus Flat Iron Steak
      Angus 8oz Steak l Spice Rub l Mushroom Ragout  23  

      Peppered Pork Tenderloin
      Pancetta Wrapped l Spring Style Vegetables l Herb Pasta  22   

      Braised Brisket of Beef
      "Home-style" Brisket l Roasted Root Vegetables l Natural Jus Lie  22

      Singapore Beef
      Pan Stir Fry l Fresh Ramen Noodles l Zesty Sauce  23

      Roasted Miso Salmon
      Atlantic Salmon l Miso Glaze l Apple Parsley Slaw l Baby Bok Choy  22  

      Pacific Cod
      Alaskan Cod l Stir Fry Vegetables l Nage  22   

      Walleye Pike
      Pan Roasted l Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc  23

      Seasonal Vegetable Medley
      Sesame Green Beans Stir Fry
      Italian Braised Zucchini and Mushroom
      Brussels Sprout and Cauliflower
      Ginger Glazed Carrots
      Garlic Scented Brookline
      Chef Choice
      Italian Zucchini and Summer Squash

      Vanilla Bean Ice Cream l Vanilla Wafer  3
      Chocolate Ice Cream l Salted Caramel Drizzle  3
      Raspberry Sorbet  3
      Dutch Style Chocolate Mousse  4
      Grilled Chipotle Pineapple l Vanilla Ice Cream  5
      Strawberry Double Cream Cheese Cake  7
      Boston Cream Pie  6
      Triple Layered Chocolate Cake  6
      Traditional Carrot Cake l Ginger Cream  6


      Includes Dark Roast Coffee and Hot or Iced Tea Available Upon Request


      Deli Buffet 
      Soup du Jour with Assorted Rolls
      Choice of Two Seasonal Sides

      Assorted Gourmet Sandwiches and Wraps
      Seasonal Sliced Fruits & Berries
      Chef's Selection of Cookies & Brownies

      Deli Buffet Enhancements:
      Grilled Atlantic Salmon

      Sweet Corn Ratatouille l Lemon Aioli  4.25

      Philadelphia-Style Steak Sandwich
      Onions l Peppers l American Cheese l Marinara  3.25

      Chicken Vegetable Fried Rice  3.25

      Smoked Chicken and Penne Pasta
      Cream l Garlic l Tomato l Basil l Mushrooms  4.25

      Grilled Smoked Sausage
      Caramelized Onions l Sweet Peppers l Assorted Mustards  3.25

      Herb-Marinated Breast of Chicken
      Lemon-Tarragon Sauce  4.25

      Sautéed Shrimp Scampi  6.25

      Italian Buffet
      Garden Minestrone Soup
      Marinated Fresh Mozzarella & Tomatoes
      Chilled Pasta Salad
      Caesar Salad
      Penne Pasta Alfredo OR Marinara with Meatballs
      Scaloppini of Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms & Garlic-Herb Potato Gnocchi
      Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Bread
      Chef's Selection of Italian Pastries and Cookies

      Greens Bar
      Choice of Soup l Assorted Rolls
      Choice of two Seasonal Sides
      Romaine l Blended Lettuce l Spinach
      Assortment of Toppings:  Cucumbers l Tomatoes l Red Onion l Feta l Bleu Cheese l Mushrooms l
      Beets l Artichoke Hears l Sunflower Seeds l Cranberries l Chopped Eggs l Garbanzo Beans
      Julienne Mediterranean Chicken
      Fresh Fruit
      Assorted Cookies l Brownies

      Add Poached Salmon  8

      Italian-Style Coleslaw
      Traditional Macaroni Salad
      Heirloom Tomato & Basil Salad
      Tabbouleh Salad
      Asian-Style Lo Mein Noodles
      Vietnamese-style cucumber salad
      Pasta Salad
      Strawberry and Spinach Salad
      House Salad with 2 Dressings

      All prices are per guest and are subject to applicable sales tax and service charge.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Dinner

      Includes Warm Rolls and Butter
      Fresh Seasonal Vegetable and Starch Selection 
      Dark Roast Coffee and Hot or Iced Tea Available Upon Request  

      Artisan Lettuces l Vegetable Garni l Roma Tomato l Wine Vinegar l Olive Oil l Herbs  COMPLIMENTARY

      Crisp Romaine Lettuce l Caesar Emulsion l Asiago Crostini  3

      Strawberry and Young Spinach
      Goat cheese l Walnuts l Sweet Onion l Poppy Seed Dressing  3

      Spring Salad
      Frisee l Blended Lettuce l Asparagus l Spring Onion l Turned Vegetables l Mushrooms l Champagne Vinaigrette  3

      Greens and Gorgonzola
      Chicories l Sliced Pears l Gorgonzola l Polenta l Croutons l Cranberries l Shallot Vinaigrette  3

      Moroccan Vegetable Stew
      Curried Type Broth l Crispy Bean Curd l Salsa Verde  23  

      Gnocchi and Vegetables 
      Italian Dumpling l Seasonal Vegetables l Herbs l EVOO l Grated Cheese  22   

      Classic Italian Spring Pasta
      Italian Barilla Pasta l Spring Peas l Garlic l Asparagus l Broth l Aged Cheese  23

      Beans and Greens
      Kale l Escarole l Northern Beans l Broth l Garlic l Crusty Bread  22

      Frenched Breast of Chicken
      Classic Presentation l Rosemary l Shallot l Roasted Root Vegetable l Warm Chive Vinaigrette  27  

      Minnesota Chicken
      Chicken Breast l Wild Rice Gremolata l Scallion Cream  27   

      Chicken Veronique
      Seared Breast Chicken l Almonds l Grapes l Scallions l Champagne Cream  27

      Chicken Fontina
      Breast of Chicken l Herbal Farce l Vegetables l Cheese l Lemon Scented Veloute  27

      Chicken Milanese
      Breaded Chicken Cutlet l EVOO l Oven Roasted Tomato l Parmesan  27

      Organic Roasted Chicken
      Semi Deboned l Thyme l Lemon l Rustic Mushrooms l Dark Poulet  27

      PORK & BEEF
      Peppered Pork Tenderloin
      Pancetta Wrapped l Spring Style Vegetables l Herb Pasta  31  

      Angus Beef Filet
      8 oz Aged Filet l Flame Broiled l Tarragon Demi Glace  45   

      New York Strip Steak
      12 oz Angus Center Cut l Steak House Rub l Reduced Jus  39

      Kansas City Shell Steak
      16 oz Angus Steak l Sea Salt l Onion Straws  46

      Flat Iron Steak
      8 oz Angus Steak l Truffle Maître d Butter l Mushroom Stew  32

      Tenderloin Roesti
      Roasted Angus Loin of Beef l Roesti Style Potato l Greens l Warm Chive Vinaigrette  46

      Salmon  32
      Roasted Miso:
       Apple Parsley Slaw l  Baby Bok Choy
      Pan Seared Greek Style: Lemon Scented Phyllo l Cucumber Cream Beurre Blanc
      Mediterranean Grilled: Sun Dried Tomato Polenta l Fire Roasted Pepper Relish

      Chilean Sea Bass 
      Seared Sea Bass l Black Olive Polenta l Oven Roasted Tomato  36

      Skrei Cod
      Norwegian Cod l Parsley Polonaise Nage  30

      Seasonal Catch
      The freshest seasonal fish available upon request from our fish monger

      Walleye Pike 
        Pan Roasted l Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc  32

      Diver Scallops
      Seared Sea Scallops l Cauliflower Puree l Spinach Splash  36

      Shellfish Risotto
      Maine Lobster l
      Shrimp l Crab l Roasted Corn l Arborio Rice  40

      Vegetable Selections
      Seasonal vegetables Medley
      Sesame Green Beans Stir Fry
      Italian Braised Zucchini and Mushroom
      Brussels Sprout and Cauliflower
      Ginger Glazed Carrots
      Garlic Scented Broccoli
      Italian Zucchini and Summer Squash
      Chef Choice

      Starch Selections
      Potato au Gratin
      Bistro Roast Garlic Potato
      Milanese Rice Timbale
      Parsley Buttered Potato
      Herbal Twice Baked Potato
      Sautéed Gnocchi and Vegetables
      Roasted Bliss Potato
      Italian Smashed Potato
      Blended Wild Rice


      Gourmet Antipasto Display
      Italian Tossed Salad
      Cheese Manicotti with Marinara
      Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms
      Penne Pasta Bolognese
      Sautéed Zucchini, Yellow Squash & Red Onion Parmesan Roasted Potatoes
      Garlic Toast

      Town & Country Traditional 
      Garden Mixed Green Salad with Assorted Dressings
      Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray
      Fire Roasted Salmon Fillet with Citrus-Dill Cream
      Sliced Prime Rib with Au Jus
      Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
      Green Beans with Red Pepper
      Warm Dinner Rolls and Butter
      Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Curls


      Town & Country Grand
      T&C Roasted Garlic Caesar Salad
      Fresh Seasonal Fruit
      T&C Seafood Salad
      Sliced Prime Rib with Au Jus
      Choice of: Grilled Scottish Salmon, Walleye, or Pork Medallions
      Choice of:  Chicken Veronique, Chicken Dijon, or Pesto Grilled Chicken
      Asparagus and Herb Roasted New Potatoes
      Gourmet Breads and Butter
      Lemon and Raspberry Bars
      Chocolate Flourless Torte


  • Hors d'oeuvre

      (Priced Per Piece - Two Dozen Minimum Per Item)

      Assorted Bruschetta
      Tomato l  Goat Cheese l
      Tapenade  2.50

      Assorted Canapes
      Vegetarian l
      Chicken l Seafood  2.50

      Peppered Tuna
      Asian Slaw  3.25

      Roasted Rare Beef
      Salted Caraway Crostini  3.25

      Caprese Skewers
      Balsamic Drizzle  2.50

      Shrimp Canape
      Blackened l
      Horseradish Cream  3.00

      Greek Skewers
      Feta l Cucumber l Tomato l Olive  2.50

      Cucumber Cup
      Fire Roasted Salsa  2.50

      Brie and Crostini Bites  2.50

      Spinach and Artichoke
      Seasoned Crostini  2.50 

      Garden Vegetable Shooters  2.75

      Buttery Reubens
      Seasoned Crostini  2.75

      Australian Lamb Pops
      Grilled  3.25

      Potato Latke
      Sour Cream l Apple  2.50

      Tenderloin Crostini
      Frisee l Horseradish Sauce  3.50

      Beef Wellington  3.50

      Sea Scallops
      Bacon Wrapped  3.50

      Bistro Pizza Bites  3.00

      Crispy Spring Roll
      Chili Duck Sauce  3.50

      Southwest Tortilla
      Chicken l Avocado  2.75

      Chicken l Cheese  2.50

      Marinated Satay
      Chicken l Pork l Beef l Asian Sauce  2.75

      Crispy Pot Stickers
      Pork or Vegetable l Dipping Sauce  2.75


      (Priced Per Person)

      Vegetable Crudites 
      Assorted Fresh Vegetables l Select Dips  5

      International Cheese Collection
      Select Imported & Domestic Artisan Cheeses l Fresh Fruit l
      Seasonal Berries l Gourmet Flatbread l Crackers  7

      Vine Ripe Tomato Display
      Assorted Sliced Tomatoes l Extra Virgin Olive Oil l Sea Salt  6 

      Sushi Bar

      Tuna l Salmon l Shrimp l Spicy Crab l Vegetable l California Rolls  12

      Tuscan Bar
      Cheese Fondue l Fresh Vegetables l Imported Olives l Domestic & Imported Cheeses l
      Fresh Mozzarella l Italian Deli Meats l Grilled Vegetables l Crostini  8

      Garden Station 
      Assorted Stuffed Mushrooms l Oven Roasted Marinated Asparagus l Spinach & Artichoke Fondue l Pita Chips l Fresh Vegetables l Flat Breads  7   

      Bruschetta Station
      Country Style Olive Oil Basted Crostini l Choice of Four Assorted Toppings:
      Classic Tomato l Mexican Grilled Vegetable l Goat Cheese l 
      Caramelized Onion and Bleu Cheese l Hummus l Fresh Mozzarella l Olive Tapenade  8

      Raw Bar
      Cocktail Sauce l Horseradish Spiked Tomato Sauce l Soubise Mignonette Sauce l Fresh Lemons
      Tailor By Choosing From The Following Options:
      Middle Neck Clams on the Half Shell l East Coast Oysters on the Half Shell l Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 
      Market Price/Per Piece


      Honey Baked Ham
      Whole Grain Mustard l Assorted Mini Rolls  8  

      Oven Roasted Breast of Turkey
      Cranberry-Orange Sauce l Mini Potato Rolls  9   

      Slow Roasted Prime Rib of Beef
      Creamy Horseradish Sauce l Au Jus l Whole Grain Mustard l Mini Onion Rolls  12

      Roasted Whole Tenderloin of Beef
      Classic Béarnaise Sauce l Whole Grain Mustard l Horseradish l Assorted Mini Rolls  16

      Culinary Fee $100 Per Attendant Per 1.5 Hours

  • Sweets

      Sherbet or Sorbet
      Vanilla Wafer  5

      Ice Cream Sundae
      Vanilla Gaufrette  6

      Dutch Style Chocolate Mousse 
      Chocolate Curls  6 

      Lemon Cream Cake 

      Grilled Chipotle Pineapple
      Vanilla Ice Cream  6

      Strawberry Double Cream Cheese Cake

      Boston Cream Pie

      Triple Layered Chocolate Cake

      Opera Almond Ganache
      Espresso Crème Anglaise  8

      Carrot Cake
      Ginger Cream  6

      Tres Leches Cake

      Warm Chocolate Cake
      Vanilla Glace  8

      Chocolate Cream Tart


      Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts

      Deluxe Snack Mix

      Assorted Cookies & Bars

      Summit Sweets
      (Minimum 25 Guests)
      Assorted Cookies and Bars
      Mini Cheesecakes
      Chocolate Mousse Cups 
      Petit Fours

      The Cookie Jar
      Freshly Baked Assorted Gourmet Cookies and Brownies
      Skim and 2% Milk
      Canned Soft Drinks
      Coffee and Tea


      Town & Country Sweets Buffet
      (Minimum 50 Guests)
      A Variety of Sweets
      Assorted Tartlets
      Mini Cream Puffs
      Petit Fours

      The Grand Viennese
      (Minimum 75 Guests)
      A Variety of Sweets
      Assorted Tartlets
      Mini Cream Puffs
      Assorted Pies
      Carrot Cake
      Chocolate Flourless Cake


  • Late Night Snacks

      Served After 9:00pm

      Bruschetta Station
      Country Style l Olive Oil Basted Crostini with Choice of Four Assorted Toppings:
      Classic Tomato l Mexican Grilled Vegetable l Goat Cheese l Caramelized Onion and Bleu Cheese l 
      Hummus l Fresh Mozzarella l Olive Tapenade

      Quesadilla Station
      Assorted Quesadillas including Vegetarian, Steak, Cheese, served with
      Tortilla Chips and Pico de Gallo 

      Slider Station 
       Assorted Mini Sandwiches ~
      Western Pull Pork l Tennessee Hot Chicken & Pickle Bao l
      Beef Brisket with Garlic Mushrooms

      Pommes Frites
      Sauce Béarnaise l Cheese Sauce l Gravy l Jalapeno l
      Homemade l Ketchup l Cheese Curds

      Pizza Station
      Grilled Bistro Pizza Served with Choices of Toppings:
      Four Cheese
      Cheese and Pepperoni
      Bacon and Onions
      Your Favorite Toppings
      22 per pizza

      Tipsy Temptations
      Rochester New York Premier Late Night Cheeseburgers l Red Hots l Home Fries l
      Mac Salad l Onion l Ketchup l Nick Tahoe Famous Meat Sauce

  • Beverages

        Host Bar Cash bar
      Infused Water 12/Gallon  
      Citrus Punch 32/Gallon  
      Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine or Juice 21/Bottle  
      Fountain Soda 2.50 3.00
      Canned Soda 2.50 3.00
      Mineral Water 2.50 3.00
      Juice 2.50 3.00


        Host Bar Cash Bar
      Domestic Beer 4.00 4.50
      Micro/Specialty Beer 4.50 5.00
      Import Beer 5.00 5.50
      Keg Beer - Domestic 375  
      Keg Beer - Micro/Specialty 400  
      Keg Beer - Import 425  


        Host Bar  Cash Bar
      T&C House Wines (Glass) 6.50 8.00
      T&C House Wines (Bottle) 26 34
      T&C Champagne (Bottle) 27 35


        Host Bar Cash Bar

      Well Brands 5.50 7.00
      Well Cocktails 6.00 7.50
      Call Brands 6.50 8.00
      Call Cocktails 7.00 8.50
      Premium Brands 7.50 9.00
      Premium Cocktails 8.00 9.50
      Cordials 8.50 10.00

      (All Cash Bar Prices are Inclusive of Sales Tax and Service Charge)


Town & Country Club

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