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As Minnesota’s oldest and most historical country club, Town & Country Club prides itself on providing you and your esteemed guests with the friendly warmth and elegance of a gracious private club. Town & Country Club is renowned for its thoughtful attention to the details that make your special day a truly memorable event. Located just ten minutes from downtown Saint Paul and ten minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Town & Country Club is a centrally located hidden gem.

When you book an event with Town & Country Club, you will receive expert planning assistance from professional, qualified and detailed staff.

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  • Food Minimum & Room Charge
    • These apply to all private banquet areas at the Town & Country Club. Town & Country Club members incur the room rental charge only if the food minimum is not met. Non-member sponsored events incur both the rental charge and food minimum. Member sponsorship does not nullify room rental rates. Food minimums do not include alcoholic beverages, taxes or service charges. Beginning in 2010, events in which food minimums have been met will only have their room rental waived if the sponsoring member is a member of the contacts immediate family. Room rates and food minimums will appear on your confirmation letter.

  • Advance Deposit/ Billing & Payment
    • Advance deposits and pre-payments may be required for your function. Advance deposits and pre-payments required will be outlined in your booking agreement. All deposits are non-refundable. An estimated bill will be calculated and presented for pre-payment as required. All estimated pre-payments are due up to one week prior to your event. please note that this is an estimate only, and not your final bill. The club does accept credit card payments for banquet events.

  • Cancellation Policy
    • Member Event: Deposits will be refunded if the function date is more than six months from the cancellation date. If the function is less than six months from the cancellation date, the deposit will only be refunded if the room is rebooked at an equal or greater revenue amount. 

      Member-Sponsored Event: Deposits will be refunded if the function date is more than six months from the cancellation date and if the room can be rebooked at an equal or greater revenue amount. If the function is less than six months from the cancellation date, the deposit is non-refundable. 

      Non-Member Event: Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Guarantees
    • Final guest guarantees, with separate meal counts if necessary, must be received no later than three (3) business days in advance of the function day. You will be charged for the number of meals guaranteed or actually served (whichever is greater). Once a guarantee is confirmed, it cannot be reduced, but may be increased with appropriate notice to the catering office. Guest attendance over 5% of the guaranteed count will be charged $10.00 in addition to the per person plate price.

  • Prices/ Increased Costs
    • Town & Country Club guarantees prices (60) days prior to the function. In the event of a significant increase in prices, taxes, labor costs, or other costs, Town & Country Club reserves the right to increase the price to meet said increased costs.

  • Service Charges & Taxes
    • There will be a twenty percent (20%) service charge on all food and beverage functions held at Town & Country Club. The current local and state sales taxes are applied to all food and beverage functions, equipment rental charges and labor charges. The current sales tax is 7.875 % with a 10.375%  liquor tax.

  • Damage to Property
    • Town & Country Club will be reimbursed for any damage to property or furnishings. The club also reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee to restore the property to its original condition.

  • Smoking Policy
    • There is no smoking allowed in the Clubhouse. The host is responsible for informing their guests of this rule.

  • Gun Policy
    • The possession of firearms is forbidden in the clubhouse and in all areas of the club grounds. Rules will be enforced to the full extent of the law.
  • Food & Beverage Regulations
    • Due to Health Department Regulations and Club Policy, food and beverage consumed on the premises must be prepared by Town & Country Club. In addition, Health Department Regulations prohibit us from allowing guests to take home extra food and beverage.

  • Menus
    • Our creative staff will assist you in planning special menus, theme parties and events. In addition, the host may choose up to two(2) protein entrées and one (1) vegetarian entree for the event. All guests must be served the same appetizer, salad, starch, vegetable and dessert. There will be a $3.50 surcharge per person in attendance if offering more than the allowed number of entrees. The host is responsible for providing legible, color-coded place cards to identify entrée selections for each person.

  • Food Tastings
    • If you choose to have a food tasting, reservations must be made with the catering office at least 1-week in advance. Tastings are available Tuesdays-Thursdays at either 3:00pm or 4:00pm. Special accommodations can be made with the catering office if needed. 

      A soup or salad and up to two entrées are complimentary per tasting. Additional entrées will be charged at your expense per menu price. A maximum of four entrées are allowed.

  • Performance
    • If for any reason beyond its control, including, but not limited to strikes, labor disputes, accidents, government requisitions, commodities or supplies, acts of war or acts of God, Town & Country Club is unable to perform its obligations under this Agreement, such non-performance is excused and Town & Country Club may terminate the Agreement without further liability of any nature. In no event shall Town & Country Club be liable for consequential damages of any nature for any reason whatsoever.

  • Bartenders
    • We require a minimum of one bartender per 75 guests. Bar sales must be $500.00 per bar or a bartender fee of $75.00 per bar will apply. Any function over 100 guests requiring cocktail service will require a bar in the room.

  • Alcohol Service Policy
    • In accordance with the terms of our liquor license, insurance coverage, and Minnesota State Statutes (M.S.A. 340A.503, M.S.A. 340A.502) we cannot serve alcohol to anyone who shows sign of obvious intoxication or to anyone under the age of 21. No minors can purchase, obtain from others, possess or consume alcohol at this licensed event. A valid picture driver’s license or a Minnesota I.D. Card are the only forms of identification we can accept for proof of age. Your cooperation in communicating these service restrictions of your guests is appreciated. No outside beverage is allowed on T&C property.

  • Valet Parking
    • Valet parking, if requested, can be provided by the Town & Country Club. The charge for valet parking will be based on your final guest count and the number of valet attendants needed.

  • Coat Check
    • Town & Country Club provides coat check, if requested, for a charge of $55.00 per attendant, or $1.00 per guest in attendance, whichever is higher.

  • Wedding Cake
    • You are welcome to provide your own cake or specialty dessert, made by a licensed bakery. If you provide your own cake, there will be a $1.50 cake service charge per person. With this charge, Town & Country Club will cut and serve the cake. 

      For all other desserts, the charge is $0.75 per person.  Tax and service charge will apply.


  • Entertainment & Photography
    • Hosts engaging entertainment should use discretion with respect to loud music. Management reserves the right to request entertainers to reduce their volume should the noise level be objectionable. Photographs taken on grounds must be pre-approved by the catering office as to location.

  • Dance Floor
    • Town & Country Club provides a non-movable dance floor at no charge for your event. If you wish to have the dance floor in a different area of the room, the catering office will arrange to rent a portable dance floor for your event. Please contact the catering office with the size of floor you desire, so we may rent accordingly.

  • Table Cloth Colors
    • White or Ivory

  • Napkin Color Selections
    • White, ivory, burgundy, hunter green, rose pink, navy blue, wheat, tan, black, rose, peach.

  • Centerpieces
    • Town & Country Club is able to provide the following RENTAL CENTERPIECES for your event. Please ask the catering office for details.

      5 Votive Candles $2.00 per Table

      Round Mirrors: $ 2.00 each

  • Piano
    • Town & Country Club owns both a baby grand piano, as well as an upright piano. There is a $45.00 charge for the use of the baby grand piano and a $30.00 charge for the use of the upright piano.

  • Audio-Visual
    • Town & Country Club will provide one complimentary podium with microphone for your event.

      Also Available:
      Screen --- $20.00
      VCR w/Monitor --- $150.00
      Flipchart w/Pad --- $20.00
      LCD Projector & Screen --- $120.00
      Cordless Mic --- $20.00
      Copies --- $.25 per copy
      Fax Copy --- $1.00 per page

      We will be happy to assist in rentals of equipment not listed above

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