Our resort-style pool and pool house opened in 2006 and is a central gathering point for club activity with a full functioning kitchen (open seven days a week). The T&C Pool is open from the Saturday of Memorial Day through Labor Day Monday, consistently heated at 82 degrees. Adult lap swimming is available beginning at 5:30am daily, then we open the swimming pool at 11:00am for casual swimming for all of our members and their guests to enjoy. We have a separate zero-entry toddler pool that is great for young children. There are shower facilities and dressing rooms available in the pool house for men and women, along with family changing rooms. We offer a junior swim team, junior diving team, and one-on-one private swim lessons for our junior swimmers, and a high-school/masters swim team lead by Andrew Michelson, our Head Professional Swim Coach/Instructor.

  • Dress Code
    • T&C is a family club, and members and their guests are encouraged to wear appropriate and conservative swimsuits when using the pool. Shorts and cut-offs are not permitted. When in the screen porch, a cover-up or tee shirt shall be worn over swimsuits.

  • Towels
    • There is no charge for towels issued by the club. Members, may of course, furnish their own towels.

  • Swimming Pool Regulations
    • Children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision at all times when using the pool. The club does not provide daycare services and the club is not responsible for children left unsupervised.

      Swim Team participants must be at least 6 years old, and there is no age restriction for swimming lesson participants. After 11:00am and until closing, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult 16 years old or older at all times. Members are not allowed to drop children off and leave the pool staff to manage their children.

      Members are allowed to bring no more than 4 Pool Guests on any day unless approval is abstained in advance from the General Manager of the club.

      Grandchildren of members are allowed to participate in swimming and diving programs with the understand that member children will have preference and that may restrict the number of grandchildren accepted into club programs.

      Guests (as defined in the "Use of Facilities" section).

      Members must sign-in upon entering the pool area. Guests are required, upon entering the pool area, to be signed in by the sponsoring member. No guests will be permitted unless accompanied by a member, a member's spouse, or eligible child.

      Babysitters providing adult supervision for members' children shall be considered as guests. Nanny passes are available for a charge at the Pool Check-In desk.

      Guest fees are $10.00 per person. This fee includes a towel.

  • Safety
    • The Lifeguards are instructed and required to maintain and enforce the following general rules. Your help and cooperation is solicited.

      No one is allowed in the pool except during the above mentioned hours and while lifeguards are on duty.

      Walking in street shoes, consumption of food, and smoking are not permitted in the wet deck pool area.

      Running, spitting, and rough housing is not permitted in the pool area, and for the safety and consideration of others, the use of inflatable pool toys is not permitted. An adult must accompany any child wearing water wings.

      A thorough shower before using the pool is mandatory per St. Paul Health Code.

      There is to be no swimming in the diving area while the diving board is in use, nor jumping or diving from the sides of the pool adjacent to the diving area.

      Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.

      Diving or jumping from the board is to be done only toward the center of the pool and not to either side.

      Non-swimmers must stay at the shallow end of the pool.

      All suntan lotions and similar products must be carried in unbreakable containers. Grease type lotions must be washed off before entering the pool.

      Plastic pants are required of all children not yet toilet trained. They are also required to be worn over any diaper.

      No Member shall knowingly bring a sick child to the pool.

      Young children must be accompanied by an adult through the food line at the poolside buffet.

      Members are not allowed to drop children off and leave the pool staff to manage their children.

      Junior Members are allowed to bring no more than 4 pool guests on any day unless approval is obtained in advance from the General Manager.

      Violation of any of these regulations may result in a temporary suspension of the members' pool privilege.

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